Volume i

Volume One of The Foundationalist can be found here


Featured work of Non-fiction: AGua Amarga by elena harris-bauer

"SITTING under the palapa on my grandparents’ property in the town El Sargento, I watch the light. It shifts languidly on the tile, dappled by the woven palm that makes the roof. I feel myself transported. A memory of Spain comes back to me: I am eight years old, standing four floors up on the wrought-iron balcony outside our flat; it is springtime..." 


featured literary analysis: “Prince in Disguise” or “Imp of Satan”? (Mis)Reading Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights by 

"Upon its publication in 1847, Wuthering Heights —the one and only novel written by the enigmatic Emily Brontë—flustered the vast majority of its readers, many of whom expressed astonishment at its depiction of “a full and complete science of human brutality” (North American Review 144) and its ability to “cast a gloom over the mind not easily to be dispelled” (Atlas 142). Although some critics respected Brontë’s apparent genius and imagination, praising Wuthering Heights for its unique plot and promising potential readers “that they never have read anything like it before” (Douglas Jerrold’s Weekly Newspaper 141), the novel was not immediately well-received or valued, and in some respects, was outright panned..."