Volume ii

Volume II of The Foundationalist can be found here


Featured essay: Afro-Native Alliance in 19th Century Print Culture by JENNA GILLEY

African American print culture has been integral to creating and preserving African American history (Foster 715). Regarded as the first African American ethnology, Robert Benjamin Lewis’ 1844 Light and Truth; collected from the Bible and Ancient And Modern History, Containing the Universal History of the Colored and Indian Race From the Creation of the World to the Present Time acts as a guiding piece of print culture...


Featured work of fiction: Fort Henry by EVELYN MAGUIRE

When Henry found out that in a matter of months the Earth would be destroyed by an asteroid, he did not think he was going to die. It happened like this: On the bumping, slightly sweaty bus ride home from school, a fifth grader with a snot nose named Jenny Fincher leaned over the back of her seat to face Henry and his best friend, Michael. She wore her hair in two braids with matching purple hair ties and she smelled faintly of peanut butter...


Featured work of non-fiction: 简风鳴 by EMILY LUONG

THE Good Fortune Asian supermarket in Quincy, Massachusetts on Sunday mornings was more hectic than an American mall on Black Friday. Personal boundaries were disregarded as shoppers reached over one another to sink their hands into weathered wooden containers filled with ginger. Bits of meat and bone splattered all over bloody aprons as butchers as butchers efficiently fulfilled the requests of shoppers fighting for spots in front of smudged glass cases...


Featured poetry: Seratonia, Seratonia II & Seratonia III by ERIK LIEDERBACH

Black rocks of your i-

rises, from blue-green gold fleck

and red vein, they rose.